When I first saw this product I thought wow! And took it right out of the box. Such a beautiful body vase of good quality. The longer I looked at it, the better I liked it. The body vase really gives a 'feminine energy' which I definitely want to have in my house. 
I have always been interested in the vastness of the universe and so absolutely loved these two items. In addition, I have never been a very good saver, so who knows, maybe this beautiful piggy bank will help you?
This panda head from Assembli is made of paper. You put these together yourself, so if you also like puzzles, that's a nice combination. The panda is my favorite because it gets a really nice shape. Hiding yourself in it is very good.
The tattoo hands from Temerity Jones are super cool to put down like this, but also handy to hang your jewelry! Nice multi-functional!

When I was a mini version of me, I already had a great love for Miffy. I had stuffed animals, books, cups and movies. That is why our Miffy collection is my favorite product. It reminds me of the past. It gives me a nostalgic feeling. In addition, I think the colors are super cheerful. And I know from experience that you can make someone very happy with it.

The alpacas from Inkari is really my favorite product. My favorite animal are alpacas, if you already look at them you get happy right?! Fortunately, you can cuddle these alpacas all day long, they are made of real alpaca wool, which makes them feel super fluffy.
If you're looking for me, I'll be among the plants. I think the best period is when the store is full of greenery and we can take the plants outside. With us you can easily add some animals to your 'inner garden' with, for example, this cute monkey lamp, one of my favorite items in my own home!
Harry Potter is a household name for me. I am from the so-called "Harry Potter generation". You end up in a fantasy world full of magic, in which to lose yourself for a while.
You know it; you wake up, get up, look in the mirror and get scared! We all have bad hair days, and this product is a perfect expression of the feelings that come with it.
The HK-living cushions are not only a real eye-catcher that stand out and stand out, they are also super soft! Ideal for decoration on the sofa, chairs or even the bedroom. No princess and pea scenes with the latter, because these pillows certainly guarantee quality!
As you can see, the Huggable Boob by Bitten is my favorite product: the design is playful and cheerful, you can keep yourself nice and warm with it and it is really huggable. Perfect for the colder days or as a nice item.
My favorite products are these pastel colored cups of Greek goddesses from the DOIY brand. There is a matching mug for every occasion. The goddesses represent: Aphrodite LOVE, Philotes FRIENDSHIP, Euphrosyne HAPPINESS, Tyche LUCK

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