Do not judge

How far can I go and still be seen as a human being?

My self-portraits are a quest for identity. How are you seen if you don't fit into the 'normal' image? How far can I go and still be seen as a human being? My face is not recognizable in this series. Does this mean you don't get a chance to judge based on looks? Does it make you think? Do you really know what you're looking at? Or does this lead to a (pre)judgment?
The Photographer
Color and composition always play a role in my work. This keeps coming back from my study at the art academy AKI in Enschede In the 90s. There I graduated as a fashion designer. I like to surprise the viewer with my images. Whether it concerns portraits or other work. Have you been inspired and would you like to know more about Eep Photo?
Om een interessante foto te maken, probeer ik net een andere hoek te vinden. Een perfecte pose zoek ik niet direct. Het gebruik maken van een andere compositie en/of opstelling probeer ik daar een ander beeld in te maken. Ik ben een Nederlandse fotograaf en spreek ook Engels. To make an interesting photograph, I try to find just a different angle. A perfect pose I am not looking for directly. By a different composition and/or setting it makes a beautiful story together Dog photographer Amsterdam, Hondenfotograaf, Dog photography, Hondenfotograaf
I photograph these people in such a way that they don't notice it at first. Most of the time I only take one spontaneous picture. Sometimes they see me and start posing, unfortunately this does not always work for me. But every now and then there is a beautiful pose.
In the series: Beautiful I visit friends and 'strangers' We start a conversation and look at the house, the things, hobbies and collections. Together with the story I hear, this is the inspiration for a photo series. I choose one image that best represents the person and situation for me. The person portrayed writes the story that accompanies it.
Project F
In project fetish I show the diversity of fetishes and what they mean in the lives of these men. A fetish is generally a "beloved object," but it is also an object of special sexual interest. I want to investigate and visualize that. By having a conversation I discover what the fetish means in their lives and how I can visualize it.