**** GUP/New Talent 2022 ****
My self-portraits are selected by:
GUP/New talent 2022 photography magazine.

My self-portraits are a quest for identity. How are you seen if you don't fit into the 'normal' image? How far can I go and still be seen as a human being? My face is not recognizable in this series. Does this mean you don't get a chance to judge based on looks? Does it make you think? Do you really know what you're looking at? Or does this lead to a (pre)judgment?
I started photographing myself in 2020. At first I was still recognizable. But soon I only found it interesting when I started photographing myself unrecognizable in the photo. I no longer looked directly at myself but at 'a person'. I noticed that because of this I did not immediately judge who I saw, but what I saw. In the meantime I have already made a whole series of self-portraits that you can view separately.